Re-Elect Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey

As your District Attorney, I am proud to seek re-election, bringing a record of strong convictions and hands-on prosecution of serious crimes in Livingston County. I’ve managed over 13,500 cases, always upholding the law without political bias, and am dedicated to ensuring justice. My commitment to our community and legal gun ownership rights stands firm against political opposition. Thank you for your continued trust; I am eager to keep serving with integrity.

“It is with great honor and pride that we strongly endorse your candidacy to remain Livingston County District Attorney. During your many years spent serving your community, you have proven to have the energy, ability and knowledge necessary to continue leading the Livingston County District Attorney’s office.” 
The New York State Police Investigators Association, representing active and retired members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the New York State Police.

Greg is a master at explaining both the history and nuances of law enforcement. Much has changed recently. Greg does a fantastic job explaining the situation as we know it and what needs to be done.

Dom Genova, No-Nonsense Roundtable

Dear Citizens of Livingston County,

It is with a sense of both pride and gratitude that I confirm that I am seeking re-election for a fourth term as your District Attorney.

I stand with pride as the record of my office speaks for itself. Since taking office in 2012, the Livingston County District Attorney’s Office conviction rate remains strong, well above the New York State average and in line with the strong values of our community.  Personally, I always carried a significant caseload, successfully prosecuted and received guilty verdicts on over twenty felony jury trials including homicides, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, child sexual assault, drug offenses, burglaries and robberies.  I have personally prosecuted some of the most serious and difficult cases in our county.

As your District Attorney since 2012, I have overseen the prosecution of over 13,500 criminal cases, including over 4000 felony and 9000 misdemeanor arrests.  I began my career as a prosecutor in 2002, where I served nearly five years in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, handling thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases and several hundred felony and misdemeanor trials.  I served as a prosecutor in the Major Felony Bureau, the Felony DWI Bureau, the County Court Bureau and in city and town court.  While in Monroe County, I personally handled an annual caseload that was comparable to annual caseload of the entire staff of the Livingston County District Attorney’s Office; including 100+ felonies annually. 

I am grateful for many things.

I am grateful to the voters of Livingston County who have reelected me at every opportunity since 2012.

I am grateful to those that understand that my position is not politically motivated in any way.  I have never actively campaigned for any political candidate aside from myself, regardless of office, during my entire tenure.  I have never and will never allow politics or political affiliations to affect my sworn duties as District Attorney.  The obligation of the District Attorney is to uphold the law no matter who makes it, whether we personally agree with it or not. Our job is to seek justice, and for that, I am grateful for my experienced staff of Assistant District Attorneys, our Investigator and tremendous support staff, who all work tirelessly to fight for our victims, support our law enforcement and most importantly, ensuring that justice is done at every turn.

I am grateful to my partners in law enforcement who put everything on the line, every day.  I am honored to work alongside you.

I am grateful to my parents, John and Veronica McCaffrey.  I was raised in York, attended school there and have lived in this county my entire life with the exception of my time as an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County.  My mother was a teacher in York, my father a retired NYS trooper and US Marshal.  From a very early age, my parents not only taught me the value of service, but lived their moral commitment.

And I am especially grateful to my supportive family, including my wife Beth Hayes McCaffrey and my sons Kellen, Cameron and Grady, all high school students at Honeoye Falls Lima.

As I seek re-election, there is something I want to get out of the way immediately.  My opponent is already running a campaign against me, reaching back to 2012 and 2013 … condemning me for having been appointed by then-Governor Cuomo and claiming that I do not support the Second Amendment and am a proponent of the SAFE ACT.  Yes, I was appointed by Governor Cuomo twelve years ago; but more importantly, I have been re-elected by the people of this County three times since then.  In regards to the Second Amendment, as I said in 2012, 2016 and say again today — I support the rights of legal gun owners. Period.  I ask that you judge me on my actions, my cases, my results and not false claims.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss our gun laws, my experience and the handling of firearm and SAFE ACT cases by my office since 2012.  I understand the law, which has been on the books for more than a decade, is unpopular with many, however…

There are provisions of the SAFE Act that are not as well publicized but provide for enhanced penalties for certain crimes and have zero to do with the Second Amendment.  These include provisions related to enhanced penalties for illegal gun possession or purchase; using a loaded illegal firearm in the commission of a drug crime, recklessly injuring a child with a gun; and increased penalties for using a gun against our emergency first-responders as was done when on Christmas Eve 2012 in West Webster–which prompted the signing of the law in January 2013.  I make no apology for prosecuting these crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

Finally, some have asked why I have waited to announce my re-election campaign.  The answer is quite simple.  My time has been taken up with exactly what I am here to do – prosecute crimes.  Over the past several months, I have worked tirelessly on my cases, securing the conviction of a Caledonia man who murdered his 2.5-month old son, securing the conviction of child rapist whose name does not deserve to be spoken and is now serving twenty-five years to life, and now in the final week of March securing a conviction after a week long jury trial on 21 counts for a series of horrific domestic violence attacks that could have ended in the death of an 18 year old girl. Please do not mistake my lack of campaigning as a disinterest in keeping my job.  Please understand I am doing my job.

Thank you so much for your support.  I look forward to speaking with you more in the days ahead.


District Attorney Greg McCaffrey

Do you have questions about the work of the District Attorney’s Office?  Contact [email protected]